What will this be about?

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I wanted to connect my major and as well my minor for this blog page. Maybe I could use the information I learned in CT to make tutorials on how to replicate my work. For example let’s say I make a an app. I want other people to be able to make what I did. Maybe just teach them the way I do it. Also in the comments other people who know what I’m talking about could help me make it better. And this is how documentation works. I want to make a library of documentation.

How to Create Proper IT Documentation | Mirazon

This is what my blogpost will be about. I just don’t know how to make it look ‘informatic’. There is a famous website called medium that do this exact same thing. I always learn stuff from this and that is what inspired me to do it. Because when you don’t know how to do something, there is probably someone that have done something similar to yours that you can learn.


  1. Sajani Sufian


    Hey Victor! Your concept is so cool! I believe making tutorials on CT projects will be greatly useful to some. I think we have CT 160 together and I know what you’re talking about.

  2. ryan seslow


    Looking good here!
    I love Medium! I too learn so much from the many many writers and “how to” teacher there!
    I love the idea of you making some tutorial here!

  3. Reply

    Oh man, this site looks impressive. For sure, I had a lot of fun going through your website. There aren’t many posts yet, but I can tell you that the structure of your website is so unique. Great work on this one, and for sure, try to connect your major to CT 101. It will be a great combination, and it’s always worth trying new things.

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